Nothing like your mother-in-law telling you where to go!

Drivers Information

A Driver: Daniel de Voigt
DOB: 1978
Lives: Gold Coast, QLD
Occupation: Electronics Engineer
Racing Since: 2004
Best Result: 2011 350 Australian Champion
Toughest Opponent: Phonsy Mullan

Navigator’s Information

A Navigator: Vicki Burrell
DOB: 1950
Lives: Gold Coast, QLD
Occupation: Bookkeeper
Racing Since: 2006

Boat Specification

Hull : Custom Built.
Engine : LS3 Twin Turbo
JET UNIT: Scott 9 inch



1st Australian 350 Champion 2011 / 2nd in 2012 Daniel has raced with his Mother-In-Law for over 10 Years.

Daniel must be the only man who allows his Mother-In-Law to tell him where to go! Daniel (ex AFJSA President) is married to Kaleena (AFJSA Secretary) and they run the Tweed Valley Jetsprint Club.

They have a 2 year old baby boy and a new born, so Vicki is now a Grandmother and at 66 she is the oldest racer.

Historical Achievement