Group A (400’s)

Group A features engines that are mildly restricted to ensure a reasonably equitable playing field for all competitors. Restricted in engine size to 412 cubic inches…

360 Apache

Pink Boots is a non-for-profit foundation established by the Gilchrist...

95 Grumpy On Edge

Nothing no one knows or has seen before!!!

70 G-Force

New 2019 Team

67 Outlaw

"The best way to turn money into noise"

53 Still Obsessed

Husband and Wife Team from Hervey Bay

40 4 Zero Racing

2014 Rookie of the Year in the Anaconda Boat

33 Rampage

AFJSA Vice-President still chasing that elusive top step of the...

12 Weapon

Weapon Racing debuted in 2015. Introducing the Sprintec in 2017!