23 Ramjet

Current 5 times Unlimited Australian Champion & 2nd in the World 2012/14

Drivers Information

A Driver: Phonsy Mullan (Phonz)
DOB: 1974
Lives: Melton, VIC
Occupation: Director - GM Motorsport
Racing Since: 2006
Best Result: Current 5 times Unlimited Australian Champion and 2nd in the World 2012 & 2014, Colin Parish Memorial Trophy Winner 2016, 1st Australian Group A Champion 2008, 2nd AFJSA Cup 2011
Toughest Opponent:

Navigators Information

A Navigator: Kelsie Gill (Kels)
DOB: 1993
Lives: Sunbury, VIC
Occupation: Administration
Racing Since: 2007

Boat Specification

Hull : Sprintec – O
Engine : 445ci Twin-turbo Chev LSX built by GM Motorsport / 527ci Naturally Aspirated Chev LS built by GM Motorsport
HORSEPOWER: Approx. 1400bhp / 1000bhp respectively
JET UNIT: 9.00” Scott / GMM



Historical Achievement