Penrite and V8 Superboats extend relationship into 2020

Off the back of two successful seasons of the Australian V8 Superboats Championship and a UIM-sanctioned World Series at the close of 2018, Australia’s iconic Penrite Oil have announced they will support the popular series for a third season in 2020.

The relationship has proven to be successful for both entities with Penrite leveraging their involvement in a range of promotions, whilst their support has allowed V8 Superboats to expand their profile to a larger audience – an emerging ‘developmental’ LS-Class and record crowds at almost every stop an encouraging sign as the sport moves into a fourth decade.

“The last two years have seen significant exposure for V8 Superboats, and it has had a profound affect on the sport,” Superboats spokesman and board member Justin Roylance admitted.

“From the quality of our racing and the teams competing, to the presence we have online through social media and our popular LIVE stream, to the additional international exposure we’ve been able to attract over the last 18-months, it has all contributed to the popularity and growth of the sport and we’re thankful that Penrite has been such a big part of that development.”

The UIM World Series in late 2018 saw an outstanding battle between the world’s best teams, a battle which ultimately saw seven-time national Champion Phonsy Mullan claim his – and Australia’s – first Unlimited Superboat world crown.

That paved the way for an incredible 2019 Australian season which saw some of the best racing in recent years, defied somewhat by the domination of drivers like Slade Stanley (Unlimited Superboat champion), Paul Kelly (400-Class champion) and Kyle Elphinstone (LS-Class champion).

The racing was world class and the fans reflected that with record crowds at almost every event, and incredible online numbers for the LIVE streaming for each and every stop of the seven-round season, just under 585,000 people following the action online, with a social media reach of 3.5-million fans.

From Penrite’s perspective, the last two seasons have given them a great feel for what the sport is about, in the process giving them access to a passionate and dedicated group of people – on both sides of the fence – that are committed to the sport and its supporters.

“We were impressed with the passion of the teams and the fans over the last two years, and we are keen to keep that momentum going this year,” Penrite Oil General Manager Toby Dymond admitted.

“Like us, these people are purists who love their motorsport, and have seen that repeatedly, both online and at events ourselves, it was fantastic to see and we want to use that passion to further promote our relationship this season.”

Penrite is no stranger to motorsport, having been a part of a variety of categories over the years, although perhaps their highest profile association in recent times came as part of their relationship with the Erebus Motorsport Supercars team, a front-running operation that has continued to stun the established teams since their maiden Bathurst 1000 victory in 2017.

For the Penrite Australian V8 Superboats Championship, the new season will kick off early in the year at the popular Lake Centenary venue in Temora for the Colin Parish Memorial in late February, with the promise of some outstanding action, with rumours of more new boats and new teams, and the return of some epic rivalries.

You can keep up to date with the sport and catch all the action online via the website or through the Penrite V8 Superboats Facebook page;

2020 Penrite Australian V8 Superboats Championship
Rnd#1 – Temora, NSW – 29 February (Colin Parish Memorial)
Rnd#2 – Keith, SA – 28 March
Rnd#3 – Griffith, NSW – 2 May
Rnd#4 – Tweed Coast, NSW – 13-14 June
Rnd#5 – Tweed Coast, NSW – 8-9 August
Rnd#6 – Temora, NSW – 12 September
Rnd#7 – Keith, SA – 10 October [FINAL]
About Penrite

Founded in Melbourne in 1926 by – then – 16-year old Les Mecoles, Penrite Oil utilised high-quality lubricants from Pennsylvania [USA] base stocks, hence the name ‘Pen’ from the base stock and ‘rite’ for the right oil. In 1979, due to ill health, Les sold the company to John and Margaret Dymond.

A mechanical engineer by trade and a car enthusiast at heart, John rapidly expanded the Penrite range of products. His technical background and commitment to quality ensured that Penrite continued to produce the highest quality products becoming the market leader in Australian oil and lubricants.

90 years on from those early beginnings the Dymond family have built Penrite into one of Australia’s most prominent and recognised brands. The iconic Australian-made and owned lubricants company has a simple philosophy: ‘the right product for the right application’.

Penrite Oil Company produces a large range of high quality products suited to the Australian conditions including the exciting 10 Tenths Racing Oils range which offers a superior package of performance and protection for both competition and high performance engines.

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