Drivers & Boats

Junior Development

For kids aged between 8 and 16. These single-seater boats feature a Sea-Doo Jetski engine and jet unit of roughly 215-horsepower (controlled by a performance key for newer drivers), whilst the circuit for the Juniors is regularly of shorter length.


The LS Class features aluminium Chevrolet LS V8 engines featuring a control camshaft, engine spec from LS1-LS3 (5.7-6.2 litre) of approximately 550+ horsepower.


An Internationally recognised (UIM) and regulated category that features a 413ci cast-iron V8 engines, traditionally with carburettor and cast-iron heads, 2023 rules also allow for the inclusion of alloy heads and methanol injection. Approx. 700+ horsepower.

Unlimited Superboats

The beasts of V8 Superboats with engines capable of as much as 2000-horsepower. Lightweight naturally-aspirated alloy V8s of over 500ci, to supercharged and twin-turbo induction, the Unlimited rules are effectively just that with very few restrictions.

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