The 2022 Australian V8 Superboats Championship presented by Penrite gets underway on the Tweed Coast with a two-day race meeting at Cabarita Beach, the most popular venue on the calendar with its close proximity to the Gold Coast and surf beaches of the New South Wales north coast.

Sadly last time we were at Cabarita in February, the region suffered intense rainfall, rainfall which ultimately saw the cancelation of the opening day of racing – on what was proposed to be a back-to-back weekend – with separate rounds scheduled on both Saturday and Sunday, but more than that, the cell flooded the local region, forcing many locals from their homes.

Despite the early end to the weekend, enough qualification rounds were contested to classify it as an event, but everyone is hoping for Cabarita’s traditional warm sunny weather across the July 23-24 weekend, early predictions though suggest light rain may play a part!

With the 2021 season concluding just three and a half months ago, teams have been working feverishly to prepare for the Cabarita event, but as in past years, the unique nature of many of the boats often means that vital parts aren’t available on the shelf, and need to be manufactured externally. That has seen a number of teams fall short of the season opener, including a number of outright contenders in every class.

Despite that, a strong field of entries will kick off the new season at Cabarita, led by all four 2021 Champions; Phonsy Mullan (Unlimited), Justin Roylance (400-Class), Bastian Mullan (LS-Class) and Koby Bourke (Junior Development).

The rotation has been set to the same as that contested in June 2021, an event that famously caught out a number of teams, most notable being reigning champion Slade Stanley, his opening elimination final rollover ultimately costing him not just the points lead, but back-to-back Unlimited championships. Such is the nature of the Cabarita circuit, a venue that has claimed some very big scalps over the years, it’s idyllic layout and natural location belying the fact that just beneath the water are a number of shelves and ledges that can catch out the uninitiated, and this weekend, there will be a number of those [rookies]..!

For those that can’t be at the Tweed Valley venue, action from Sunday will be streamed LIVE on YouTube (details will be posted on whilst a post-produced highlights package will be released on 7mate, roughly one-month following the event, check local guides and the Facebook page for details.

Unfortunately another weather front looks to be moving in to the region ahead of the weekend, but the weekend’s forecast varies from a few showers to bright and sunny on Sunday, but the teams are used to wet weather, and will still compete unless the intensity of the rain becomes too much, whish isn’t expected.

The big news at the close of the 2021 Penrite Series was the retirement of 2019 Champions Slade and Vanessa Stanley, a decision based on spending more time with their young family, bringing to an end one of the greatest rivalries in the history of the sport, opening the door for reigning World Champion Phonsy Mullan to continue to add to his extensive array of championship trophies.

Stanley won’t be the only driver to miss Cabarita, Tyler Finch – who closed out the 2021 season at Keith with a podium finish in his new boat – suffered a testing incident just two weeks out from the event, the team unable to source replacement parts in time to make the journey across from Mildura, however they are hoping to be back on the water by round three.

Two-time Australian #1 Daryl Hutton will be back in action though, the expat New Zealander showing impressive pace and a welcome return to form across the closing stages of the 2021 season after starting the year at Keith with a boat destroying accident early in the weekend. A tentative return the following round at Temora with a new ‘Stinger’ hull saw Hutton chasing teething issues, before he rediscovered some of that championship winning flair to put pressure on former champions Phonsy Mullan and Scott Krause, ultimately moving himself into third in points by seasons end.

Mullan without questions starts the season as favourite, the seven-time and reigning Unlimited champion may not have had the outright pace to match Slade Stanley last year, although a change to the new Australian-made ‘PULSE’ hull for the final two rounds bridged a gap that at times stretched to as much as three seconds. Whether Mullan’s new package would have ultimately turned the tables on Stanley, we may never know, but there was no question he was close, and that sounds an ominous warning to his rivals, that they will have a new pace-setter to chase this season.

There is however a contender on the horizon, and that contender has taken the fight to Mullan in the past – New Zealand’s Rob Coley.

Renowned for his extensive collection of world-class boats (amongst his collection is the boat that multiple world champion Peter Caughey used in the 2018 World Championship in Australia), Coley had a new ‘Sprintec’ with a twin-turbo Nissan powerplant on the way to Cabarita, a package that he has used in the past in Australia – sadly it has been delayed in transit, so he’s campaigning Daniel DeVoigt’s ‘DEVO2’ this weekend, a boat which saw the local driver claim second to Slade Stanley to close out the 2019 season. Coley has been on the podium before at Cabarita, but away from his usual mount, he may battle to make the podium.

Scott Krause though is no stranger to the podium, as he showed during the 2018 season where he was able to match Phonsy Mullan on pace, the pair closing out the year tied on points to share the crown. He is arguably the most consistent driver in the field, and is always within striking distance of the podium, so a threat to any team that isn’t on their A-game. With Stanley’s retirement he will be a consistent contender for the podium, and his consistency makes him a real title threat should we complete the full seven-round program.

But the action doesn’t stop there.. and when it comes to action, Chris Edmonds is arguably the new ‘people’s champion’..

Having graduated to the Unlimited category 12-months ago at the very same venue and on the very same rotation as we’re running this opening round, Edmonds campaigned his ‘Aitchison’ hull with a new LSA powerplant purchased from Slade Stanley – a project the 2019 Champion was preparing for the future. Very quickly Edmonds found himself liking the faster class, and by the final round he’d upgraded.. taking over the reigns of Andrew Page’s monstrous supercharged ‘Kamikazi’ – and the rest is history!

To say he stole the thunder of the outright contenders at Keith would be an understatement. After finding his feet almost immediately, Edmonds showed he was not to be deterred by 1600-horsepower, and despite throttle stops and detuning the engine, he threw everything at the boat – a boat with a reputation for trying to kill its owners. It was a masterful, if not heart-stopping display, the fans taking bets about when and where the boat would eject itself from the circuit, but despite spending as much time in the air as in the water, Edmonds completed every rotation to a standing ovation from the crowd.

The Cabarita circuit has seen the mighty supercharged 427 in the past at the hands of Page who knew how to punt the boat around and get the most out of it, but Edmonds has taken the word ‘dramatic’ to a whole new level and will have the big Cabarita crowd on their feet in disbelief, and that’s assuming that he can keep the boat in the water, as this time he’s threatening 2200-horsepower.. Hold onto your hats, this is going to get crazy!!

The final entry at Cabarita in the Unlimited Class is also no stranger to the Cabarita podium!

Glenn ‘Spider’ Roberts suffered a frustrating season in 2021 off the back of a boat bending accident at Cabarita to close out the 2019 season, a wide entry to the infamous ‘Bennies’ corner sending Roberts and navigator Tia McGifford hard into the outside bank.

After rebuilding the front of the hull, Roberts suffered a string of technical issues which ultimately saw a holed piston and an expensive engine rebuild, whilst later in the season he was stalled by electrical issues – such is the nature of the sport.

Cabarita is Roberts’ favourite venue, a venue he would often attend at Club days in an effort to learn more about the circuit, his ongoing fight with Usher Syndrome – a battle that affects both his vision and his hearing – forcing him to rely heavily on muscle memory to be most comfortable in attacking the rotation. Despite that setback, he has put in a big off-season in an effort to return to the Cabarita podium and take the fight to the series favourites.

With the track rotation matching that of the June 2021 event, it will be interesting to see how far forward teams have moved during the shortened off-season, the quickest Unlimited lap 12-months ago, Slade Stanley’s 41.108 in the opening elimination final.

400-CLASS (International Group A)
Much like the Unlimited category, the off-season has claimed a number of teams ahead of the first round, work commitments and the final completion of new powerplants the main setback, but despite that, there will be a quality field of International Group A [400-Class] boats looking to make an impression at Cabarita.

Reigning champion Justin Roylance will start the season trialling a new engine development package for the category, which will see methanol injection and alloy heads as a pathway forward for teams struggling to find replacement parts and combat rising cost, with OEM cast-iron heads becoming scarce and race fuel prices skyrocketing.

Roylance will campaign his 2021 engine package, complete with cast-iron heads, but on methanol fuel, the big change coming with the fitting of a larger fuel tank, as the rate of fuel burn is higher on the methanol fuel, although like many of his rivals, he has plans to move to alloy heads later in the season if the need arises.

That package but with the addition of alloy heads will be adopted by former NZ front-runner Paul Gaston on his return to the sport, and 2019 400-Class Champion Paul Kelly who was a late scratching after failing to complete his new package ahead of this weekend’s event – he is expected to make his return to Cabarita in August.

Gaston will be campaigning ‘The Girlfriend’ – the boat run by team-owner Brendan Doyle in 2021, but with the recently upgraded powerplant.

For Victoria’s Jody Ely – who convincingly won the 400-Class round at Cabarita in June of last year – he returns his 2021 race winning package to duty with a freshened engine and renewed enthusiasm, keen to take the fight to Roylance and the emerging threat in the sport, Balranald’s Brendan Doyle. Ely also has a methanol injected, alloy head powerplant ready to slot into a brand new ‘PULSE’ hull, so the reigning #2 more than has the arsenal to challenge for the 2022 title.

As for Doyle, he will take the new ‘PULSE’ hull that was debuted by former Unlimited winner Tremayne Jukes in the final two events of the 2021 Championship into the new season, Jukes showing that the boat more than had the performance to match both Roylance and Ely, so with some more miles under his belt, you can expect the new ‘PULSE’ machine to take the fight to the outright contenders.

Their rivals though have also been busy, and whilst former champion Brett Thornton comes into the new year with the package that saw him back on the podium for the June 2021 event, he is also contemplating the step up to methanol and alloy heads, dyno testing showing that the older generation 400-Class engines in that configuration more than match the current category pace-setters.

Danny Knappick and Darren Tickell return with ‘Tuff’n Up’, the New South Wales based team keen to apply what they learned during their maiden campaign last season, the former ski racers enjoying the camaraderie and challenge of the sport, but looking to make steady improvement on their 2021 pace.

Darrin Kesper was another who had done some serious homework in the off-season, but just a day away from heading off to the opening round, an accident at work has seen him suffer a suspected broken arm, so he too becomes a late scratching, whilst Daniel Warburton was looking for a new navigator for the round after losing Ryan Loft to illness.

With the opening round’s rotation following that of the June 2021 event, the benchmark time the teams will be looking to compare will be Jody Ely’s final time of 45.018.

As has been the case for much of the last 12 months, LS-Class forms the biggest field at the season-opener, 14 boats competing for points.

Leading the way will be reigning champion Bastian Mullan, Keith’s Matt Malthouse and winner at Cabarita last time out, 2019 Champion Kyle Elphinstone.

Mullan was the standout in the Covid-affected 2021 season, and despite a challenging opening round where both he and younger brother Nate suffered off-track excursions during the final, from that point on Bastian matured into a more complete driver, his effort in the final at Keith to close out the season and defeat West Australian Daniel Salter a strong indication of what to expect in season 2022.

Salter was expected to join the field at Cabarita, but illness just days out has claimed another scalp, with the hope being that he is well enough to begin his title assault next month when the Championship returns to the Tweed Valley Club.

Whilst Mullan starts favourite carrying the AUS#1, Malthouse and Elphinstone could provide the Victorian with plenty to keep him occupied, with both teams busy during the off-season ensuring they are ready to attack once the stopwatch starts this weekend.

The 2021 contenders start as the obvious candidates to battle for a position on the podium, but you can’t discount a number of teams who have also been busy in the off-season.

Ron and Tyler O’Day made the transition during the final round at Keith across from 400-Class to join the LS-Class field and both were immediately competitive, Tyler breaking into the final six, whilst Ron only just missed the cut. The experienced team will be looking to build on that experience and push for a place on the podium.

A Cabarita specialist, Paul Hill is another who could threaten the outright contenders. At home he is always a threat, but he showed at Keith during the final round that he can carry that pace to other circuits, he will certainly be one to keep an eye on this weekend.

The dark horse in the field is without question Nate Mullan. The younger of the two Mullan brothers, Nate showed impressive pace during the opening rounds of the 2021 season, but was thwarted by two pretty big accidents, one at Keith, the other, the following round at Temora.

From there the team elected to focus on Bastian’s championship, Nate playing very much second-fiddle to both gain data for his brother, but also ensure that he was never in a position to put the boat out of the water, so much so that the ‘RIPSHIFT’ team elected to sit him out of the boat for the final round.

Having completed the opening round at Keith last season as second in outright points, Nate has the pace, and another 12 months in maturity under his belt will only have made him hungrier to show that he will also be a contender. He is definitely one driver to keep a very close eye on this season.

Lawrie Howlett returns in ‘Drop Bear’ after some off-season updates, whilst Darren Pollard will be happy to finally debut ‘Disturbed’ after a testing crash mid-2021 saw their season program take a sideways shift. Pollard will be joined again by Matt Riley, the ‘Toe Cutter’ regular having provided Pollard a B-drive in his boat at various stages last year, the roles now reversed as Riley waits for his new engine to be ready to put in his own boat, so campaigns the ‘Twisted’ entry, owned by Pollard.

Mike Hessell will be back in action in ‘Borrowed Time’ whilst the entry list continues, with new drivers to the sport, drivers like Rodney Norton and Noel Verning, both of whom will face an initiation of fire, such is the nature of the sport where often a team’s first laps on a dedicated circuit are during opening practice for an Australian Championship round..

The rotation for the opening round will match that of the June 2021 event, the benchmark time set by Bastian Mullan in the final at a stunning 45.234.

Junior Development
After claiming his maiden title in 2021, reigning Junior Development Champion Koby Bourke looks to have plenty of competition for this season, the Queensland teenager going to battle at Cabarita with a driver that despite his young age, has plenty of motorsport experience to draw on.

Connor Smith has been racing for five years, and despite being just 13 years of age, has already been a regular in Speedway Karts and Junior Sedans, amassing a string of victories in the process. Supported in his speedway endeavours by Drop Bear’s Lawrie and Karen Howlett, the team from Hervey Bay also introduced Smith to V8 Superboats, and he makes his much anticipated debut this weekend.

For those that can’t be at the Tweed Valley venue, action from Sunday will be streamed LIVE on YouTube (the link will be posted on whilst a post-produced highlights package will be released 7mate, and then 7+ in the weeks following (check local guides for details).

Tickets are available at the gate or via;


Rnd#1 2022 Australian V8 Superboats Championship presented by Penrite
Tweed Valley Jet Sprint Club, Cabarita Beach, NSW
23-24 July, 2022

1. Phonsy Mullan/Leigh Stewart (RAMJET)
28. Daryl Hutton/Mick Parry (Phoenix Lubricants)
37. Scott Krause/Rachel Parsons (KAM Racing)
111. Rob Coley/Scott Munro [NZ] (DEVO2)
169. Chris Edmonds/Jamie Maroney (Yipee Ki-Yay)
888. Glenn Roberts/Tiarna McGifford (Blown Budget)

1. Justin Roylance/Michelle Hodge (Team Outlaw)
2. Jody Ely/Angel Brennan (Rampage)
4. Brendan Doyle/Rory Doyle (PULSE)
45. Danny Knappick/Darren Tickell (Tuff N Up)
53. Brett Thornton/Lyn Thornton (Still Obsessed)
81. Daniel Warburton/Ryan Loft (Team Attitude)
214. Paul Gaston/Tracey Little (The Girlfriend)

1A. Bastian Mullan/Tahleah James (RIPSHIFT)
1B. Nate Mullan/Jayden Vella (RIPSHIFT)
14. Lawrie Howlett/Karen Howlett (Drop Bear)
29A. Ron O’Day/Paris O’Day (Agro-Vation)
29B. Tyler O’Day/Xavier Jackson (Agro-Vation)
69. Matt Malthouse/Leighton Collins (Nood Nutz Racing)
77. Darren Pollard/Jade Atchison (Disturbed)
219. Kyle Elphinstone/Jacob Bellamy (Blackout Racing)
267. Rodney Norton/Camden Ayton (Hot Shot)
269. Noel Verning/Nathan Garrett (Quiet Time)
370. Mike Hessell/Ruairi Crilly (Borrowed Time)
512. Paul Hill/Kiri Marshall/Alex Singleton (Slicer)
777. Matt Riley/James McCarron (Twisted)

Junior Development

97A. Koby Bourke (Lil Psycho)
97B. Connor Smith (Lil Psycho)


RND#1 – Saturday, 23 July;
10:15am – practice laps commence
11:15am – Qualifying #1 (60-minutes)
12:15pm – Qualifying #2 (60-minutes)
1:15pm – Qualifying #3 (60-minutes)
2:15pm – Racing Concludes

Sunday, 24 July;
10:15am – Qualifying #4 (60-minutes)
11:15am – Qualifying #5 (60-minutes)
12:15pm – lunch break
1:15pm – Top 12 Finals (LS-Class/400-Class/Unlimited)
2:10pm – Top 6 Final (LS-Class/400-Class/Unlimited)
2:45pm – FINALS (Jnr Development/LS-Class/400-Class/Unlimited)
3:15pm – Racing Concludes


V8 Superboats and Cabarita

Rnd#4 2021 Penrite Australian V8 Superboat Championships
26 February, 2022 (event cancelled after Q3 [400/Unlimited] and T12 [LS-Class])
Unlimited Superboat [fastest after Q3]
1. 1. Slade Stanley/Vanessa Stanley (Hazardous) – 49.535
2. 23. Phonsy Mullan/Leigh Stuart (RAMJET) – 49.912
3. 28A. Daryl Hutton/Mick Parry (Phoenix Lubricants) – 51.208

400-Class (Group A) [fastest after Q3]
1. 67. Justin Roylance/Michelle Hodge (Outlaw67) – 54.143
2. 33. Jody Ely/Angel Brennan (Rampage) – 56.099
3. 4. Tremayne Jukes/Erin Thomas (PULSE) – 56.100

LS-Class [fastest after T12 Final]
1. 219. Kyle Elphinstone/Jacob Bellamy (Blackout Racing) – 55.738
2. 24A. Bastian Mullan/Kelsie Gill (RIPSHIFT) – 55.780
3. 512. Paul Hill/Alex Singleton (Slicer) – 1:01.019

Junior Development [fastest after T12 Final]
1. 97. Koby Bourke (Lil Pyscho) – 48.081


Rnd#3 2021 Penrite Australian V8 Superboat Championships
19-20 June, 2021
Unlimited Superboat
1. 23. Phonsy Mullan/Leigh Stuart (RAMJET) – 43.286
2. 28. Daryl Hutton/Mick Parry (Phoenix Lubricants) – 43.855
3. 37. Scott Krause/Rachel Parsons (KAOS) – 44.408

400-Class (Group A)
1. 33. Jody Ely/Angel Brennan (Rampage) – 45.018
2. 67. Justin Roylance/Tracey Little (Outlaw67) – 45.969
3. 53. Brett Thornton/Lyn Thornton (Still Obsessed) – 46.785

1. 24A. Bastian Mullan/Joel Page (RIPSHIFT) – 45.234
2. 69A. Matt Malthouse/Harrison Collins (NoodNutz Racing) – 46.946
3. 512. Paul Hill/Alex Singleton (Slicer) – ww

Junior Development
1. 97. Koby Bourke (Lil Pyscho) – ww


Rnd#7 [FINAL] 2019 Penrite Australian V8 Superboat Championships
16-17 November, 2019
Unlimited Superboat
1. 08. Slade Stanley/Vanessa Stanley (Hazardous) – 43.652
2. 86. Daniel deVoigt/Vicki Burrell (DEVO Racing) – 49.452
3. 28. Daryl Hutton/Mick Parry (Phoenix Lubricants) – DNF

400-Class (Group A)
1. 67. Justin Roylance/Michelle Hodge (Outlaw67) – 48.762
2. 40. Paul Kelly/Naomi Gow (4Zero Racing) – 49.084
3. 2. Ben Hathaway/Lisa Oppes (Warren & Brown Tools Racing) – 49.357

1. 219. Kyle Elphinstone/Ben Ryan (Blackout Racing) – 55.380
2. 380. Dwayne Mezzadri/Mitch Curtis (Unleashed) – 56.462
3. 14. Lawrence Howlett/Karen Howlett (Drop Bear) – 58.603


Rnd#4 2019 Penrite Australian V8 Superboats Championship
10-11 August, 2019
Unlimited Superboat
1. 08. Slade Stanley/Vanessa Stanley (Hazardous) – 40.180
2. 888. Glenn Roberts/Tiarna McGifford (Blown Budget) – 45.210
3. 41. Mick Carroll/Daniel Kelly (Excalibur) – DNF

400-Class (Group A)
1. 40. Paul Kelly/Naomi Gow (4Zero Racing) – 44.260
2. 67. Justin Roylance/Tracy Little (Outlaw) – 44.710
3. 2. Ben Hathaway/Michelle Hodge (Warren & Brown Tools Racing) – 45.190

1. 219. Kyle Elphinstone/Beau Warden (Blackout Racing) – 51.270
2. 380. Dwayne Mezzadri/Mitch Curtis (Unleashed) – 52.810
3. 85. David Bray/Jess Thatcher (Bear Neccesities) – 55.230


Rnd#3 2019 Penrite Australian V8 Superboats Championship
15-16 June, 2019
Unlimited Superboat
1. 08. Slade Stanley/Vanessa Stanley (Hazardous) – 46.225
2. 111. Rob Coley/Cody Munro (Poison Ivy) – 46.897
3. 1. Phonsy Mullan/Madeline Chorley (RAMJET) – 48.211

400-Class (Group A)
1. 40. Paul Kelly/Naomi Gow (4Zero Racing) – 50.491
2. 2. Ben Hathaway/Lisa Oppes (Warren & Brown Tools Racing) – 51.783
3. 33. Jody Ely/Greg Blaz (Rampage) – 52.150

1. 219. Kyle Elphinstone/Ryan Burke (Blackout Racing) – 57.729
2. 380. Dwayne Mezzadri/Mitch Curtis (Unleashed) – 1:00.435
3. 85. David Bray (Bear Neccesities) – DNF


2018 Rnd#2 Penrite UIM World Series
3-4 November, 2018
Unlimited Superboat
1. 1. Phonsy Mullan/Madeline Chorley [AUS] (RAMJET) – 54.809
2. 88. Nick Berryman/Amanda Kittow [NZ] (NZ Riverjet) – 56.565
3. 68. Peter Caughey/Sharma Putaranui [NZ] (Sprintec) – DNF

400-Class (Group A)
1. 31. Ollie Silverton/Jess Sit [NZ] (PSP Racing) – 56.672
2. 57. Sean Rice/Fay Rice [NZ] (Cosa Nostra) – 57.542
3. 4. Daniel James/Michelle Hodge (JRE Race Engines) – 60.139


Rnd#5 2018 Penrite Australian V8 Superboats Championship
18-19 August, 2018
Unlimited Superboat
1. 1. Phonsy Mullan/Kelsie Gill (RAMJET) – 48.014
2. 888. Glenn Roberts/Tiarna McGifford (Blown Budget) – 48.534
3. 28. Daryl Hutton/Mick Parry (American Automotive) – 49.450

400-Class (Group A)
1. 4. Daniel James/Michelle Hodge (JRE Race Engines) – 50.337
2. 95A. Mark Garlick/Angel Brennan (Grumpy) – 49.543
3. 40. Paul Kelly/Matthew Gow (4Zero Racing) – DNF


Rnd#4 2018 Australian V8 Superboats Championship
2-3 June, 2018
Unlimited Superboat
1. 1. Phonsy Mullan/Kelsie Gill (RAMJET) – 45.356
2. 111. Rob Coley/Ange Coley (Poison Ivy) – 45.759
3. 37. Scott Krause/Rachel Parsons (KAOS/Penrite) – 45.995

400-Class (Group A)
1. 95. Mark Garlick/Angel Brennan (Grumpy) – 49.543
2. 1. Ben Hathaway/Lisa Oppes (Weapon) – 49.856
3. 2. Brett Thornton/Lyn Thornton (2Obsessed) – 50.412


2021 Penrite Australian V8 Superboat Championships – Series Points
Unlimited Superboat
1. Phonsy Mullan (RAMJET) – 138-points, 2. Slade Stanley (Hazardous) – 136, 3. Daryl Hutton (Phoenix Lubricants) – 120, 4. Scott Krause (KAOS) – 118, 5. Glenn Roberts (Blown Budget) – 88, 6. Ben Hathaway (NoodNutz Racing) – 80, 7. Mitch Roylance (BlackJack) – 72, 8. Chris Edmonds (Yippee Ki-Yay) – 52, 9. Mick Carroll (Excalibur) – 50, 10. Tyler Finch (Loose Cannon) – 30, 11. Daniel de Voigt (DEVO Racing) – 24, 12. Sam Everingham (Thirsty Merc) – 20, 13. Andrew Page (Kamakazi) – 16, 14. Adam Fairbairn (A.C.E.) – 0

400-Class (Group A)
1. Justin Roylance (Outlaw67) – 144-points, 2. Jody Ely (Rampage) – 135, 3. Mark Garlick (Grumpy) – 112, 4. Brendan Doyle (The Girlfriend) – 104, 5. Greg Harriman (Apache) – 98, 6. Danny Knappick (Tuff N Up) – 92, 7. Hugh Gilchrist (Apache) – 84, 8. Tremayne Jukes (PULSE) – 63, 9. Brett Thornton (Still Obsessed) – 58, 10. Darrin Kesper (44), 11. Ron O’Day (Agro-Vation) – 26, 12. Daniel James (The Girlfriend) – 22, 12. Daniel Warburton (Team Attitude) – 22, 14. Tyler O’Day (Agro-Vation) – 20

1. Bastian Mullan (Ripshift) – 141-points, 2. Kyle Elphinstone (Blackout Racing) – 121, 3. Matt Malthouse (NoodNutz Racing) – 120, 4. Nate Mullan (Ripshift) – 107, 5. Jim Beaman (JB Racing) – 104, 6. Paul Hill (Slicer) – 90, 7. Chris Edmonds (Solid Gold) – 76, 8. Matt Riley (Toe Cutter) – 72, 9. Mike Hessell (Borrowed Time) – 60, 10. Rob Johnston (Almost There) – 48, 11. Robert Westerink (The Contractor) – 42, 12. Nick Druery (Hazzmat) – 40, 13. Mitch Curtis (Smoke & Mirror) – 38, 14. Dwayne Mezzadri (Unleashed) – 34, 15. Bill Biggin (JB Racing) – 30, 16. Darren Pollard (Toe Cutter) – 28, 17. Tyler O’Day (Agro-Vation) – 24, 18. Ron O’Day (Agro-Vation) – 22

Junior Development
1. Koby Bourke (Lil Psycho) – 144-points


2022 Australian V8 Superboats Championship presented by Penrite
Rnd#1 – Tweed Coast, NSW – 23-24 July, 2022
Rnd#2 – Tweed Coast, NSW – 27-28 August, 2022
Rnd#3 – Keith, SA – 8 October, 2022
Rnd#4 – Temora, NSW – 5 November, 2022 (Colin Parish Memorial)
Rnd#5 – Temora, NSW – 3 December, 2022
Rnd#6 – Griffith, NSW – 11 February, 2023
Rnd#7 [FINAL] – Keith, SA – 25 March, 2023

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