The V8 Superboats AUS vs NZ Challenge intensifies at Keith
Rnd#2 2023/24 Penrite Australian V8 Superboats Championship
Spitwater Arena, Keith, South Australia
14 October, 2023

Hot off the heels of a fantastic season opener to the 2023/24 Penrite Australian V8 Superboats Championship at Temora in central-western New South Wales comes round two of the season at the popular Spitwater Arena in Keith, on the edge of the South Australian outback.

Temora delivered one of the biggest fields in recent memory, providing some fantastic action, notably the emerging battle between the sport’s powerhouses – Australia and New Zealand – a battle which will continue at Keith, round two seeing the reigning New Zealand Champions in all three senior classes going head-to-head with the reigning Australian Champions, such has been the attraction of the Penrite Series this season.

The event will also signal the return of former 400-Class national champion Justin Roylance and the Junior Development category for first time this season providing some fantastic storylines right through the field.

For the fans, they will be treated to some brilliant battles to establish just who the benchmark really is in the sport worldwide. Reigning Unlimited World and Australian Champion Phonsy Mullan will be looking to extend his winning record against reigning NZ#1 Rob Coley, who comes into Keith after a dramatic off during the season opener at Temora, a stuck throttle throwing the ‘Poison Ivy’ machine out of the water. Sadly, that incident also saw injury to Coley’s long-time navigator Scott Munro, but whilst unable to return to the seat, Scott’s son Cody will take on the navigator’s role for the immediate future as Coley looks to take the fight back to Mullan.

In 400-Class Justin Roylance’s return makes it at least a five-way battle for the win, the 2021 Champion rejoining the title fight after a 12-month sabbatical. Now installed in a brand new ‘PULSE’ hull alongside local rivals Brendan Doyle and Jody Ely, the trio – along with round one winner Danny Knappick – will face reigning New Zealand Champion Ollie Silverton who on his last visit to Keith [2018 World Series], decimated the local teams. Five years on and it’s likely to be a very different scenario, and whilst Roylance will take some time to dial himself into his new ride, the battle for a podium finish will provide a tantalising taste of what the 2025 World Championships could deliver..!

And don’t discount an epic battle in the LS-Class either despite two-time Champion Bastian Mullan’s relatively comfortable victory at Temora. Younger brother Nate has shown that he’s capable of stepping up his pace after a season playing second-fiddle in the ‘RIPSHIFT’ entry, the two brothers – who share the same equipment – are currently the form team, but at Keith, that could change.

Local favourites Matt and Mitch Malthouse have shown that they are still right in the title fight, Matt getting the upper hand on his son at Temora, although the March round at Keith to close out the 2022 season saw Mitch emerge as the faster of the two to make his maiden podium, but don’t discount 2019 Champion Kyle Elphinstone. On a big development push in the off-season, Elphinstone suffered some setbacks at Temora and wasn’t able to extract the best from his updated package. With reigning New Zealand Champion John Verry joining him in the ‘Blackout Racing’ machine, double the data could provide an important step forward, whilst for fellow Kiwi Matt Hareb, he is now in receipt of his primary boat after customs prevented him from debuting the machine in round one, the front-running 400-Class regular could provide the cat amongst the pigeons as he – like Verry – looks to see just how quick the Australian LS teams really are!

After claiming his maiden New Zealand Unlimited crown earlier in the year, Rob Coley made no secret of the fact that he was entering the 2023/24 Penrite Series with the single-minded focus of unseating reigning World and Australian Champion Phonsy Mullan from his throne.

With former World Champions Glen Head and Peter Caughey providing support on the performance side, and a world class engine and boat package at his disposal, Coley has all the tools he needs to take the fight to Mullan, and with a NZ#1 title under his belt, he is full of confidence despite the setback that sidelined the team at Temora – a technical issue locking his twin-turbo machine on full throttle which threw the boat off the circuit at speed. Fortunately the equipment was okay, but the awkward landing off the top corner of the Temora circuit saw navigator Scott Munro suffer back injuries, a condition which saw a lengthy extraction and his transfer to hospital. That will sideline the Australian-based kiwi for the immediate future, however his son Cody will jump in alongside Coley to continue their push at a circuit on which the New Zealand team has been very competitive in the past.

For Phonsy Mullan, he continues a nine-race winning streak that stretches back to the final race of the 2021 season at Keith, and on form, you could expect that run to continue, the Victorian always keeping something in reserve heading into the all-important finals as a big advocate of not having to push harder than you need through qualifying – that said, the mighty yellow ‘RAMJET’ machine is rarely outside of the #1 qualifying position heading into those finals!

Sadly for Chris Edmonds fans, the expat New Zealander won’t be at Keith, a commitment at home will keep the popular ‘Hazardous’ driver away from the racing action, although you can guarantee he – and part-timer Sam Everingham – will be glued to the live-stream and ready for action at Cabarita in early November with bells on!

That will see the battle for the podium intensify between former champions Scott Krause and Daryl Hutton, the pair having finished the Temora round separated by an incredible four one thousandths of a second. Both have a mixed relationship with the Keith circuit, Hutton notably destroying a boat there to start the 2021 season, but both are capable of extracting the maximum from their twin-turbo powerplants and the circuit, so they will be pushing with everything they have to ensure they are in the mix should any of the outright contenders falter.

And despite just six Unlimited machines for the second round, all are capable of podium finishes – Tyler Finch in his new ‘Sprintec’ is expected to deliver a threat to his rivals as he finds the sweet spot with his new package, whilst Glenn ‘Spider’ Roberts in his ageing ‘Blown Budget’ is always a threat during the daylight events, and he’s shown that he can deliver some impressive drives at Keith making the prediction for the final three all that more difficult. Suffice to say, it will be well worth watching!

400-CLASS (International Group A)
The return of 2021 Champion Justin Roylance adds another element of interest to the unfolding 400-Class title stoush, especially off the back of a challenging start to the season which saw reigning AUS#3 Danny Knappick claim his maiden win in the Series to the ovation of the V8 Superboats paddock. Whilst a popular victory, Knappick knows only too well that Keith could deliver any number of possibilities, but the experienced former Ski Racing World Champion understands that it’s a long season, and consistency is key, and on form from Temora, you can guarantee he’ll be right in the mix for a podium finish at Keith.

For Brendan Doyle, his title defence ended early with a rare mechanical setback during the fourth qualifier (a broken pushrod emerging as the culprit), the team electing to retire the boat ahead of the finals to avoid potential terminal damage, sidelining the reigning Champion, who despite offers to jump into another boat, elected to sit on the bank to watch the action unfold.

At his time of retirement though, he had thrown down the gauntlet to his rivals – including reigning NZ#1 Ollie Silverton – Doyle’s 41.18 in the third qualifier the fastest time of the event by more than a second, an advantage he will be looking to push further at Keith.

Sadly, he wasn’t the only driver to suffer a setback, reigning AUS#2 Jody Ely suffering a rare off during the second qualifier in his immaculate new ‘PULSE’ hull, the popular Victorian sidelined with significant damage to the once pristine boat, a freak wave on the run into the final corner ahead of the timing line throwing him wide and up the bank, Ely at a complete loss afterwards as to how it happened. With the boat repaired within days by the Daniel James-led ‘PULSE’ team, Ely will be keen to explore just how quick he can be in the new package, and he is one who is expected to take the fight to Doyle.

For Ollie Silverton, his second-placed finish to Danny Knappick at Temora surprised a few, although he was quick to point out that the New Zealand Championship no longer campaigns night racing, so he was at a disadvantage to the local teams who regularly compete under lights. That said, his methodical approach across the day had him right in the mix for the top step of the podium as his rivals fell away. For Keith though it’s a different matter – although it has been almost five years since he last competed at the South Australian venue – at that stage he blitzed the field in the opening leg of the 2018 World Series to comfortably claim the win the round by almost two seconds over fellow Kiwi Ross Travers, with Justin Roylance carrying the flag for the Aussies, although at that stage he was 2.7-seconds slower than Silverton, such was the pace of the ‘PSP Racing’ driver.

Much has changed since then, but what hasn’t changed is Silverton’s ongoing pace, the reigning 400-Class World Champion, and reigning NZ#1 has a round in Australia now under his belt and he knows what to expect, so look for him to challenge the local drivers as we work our way through the qualifiers and into the finals.

Whilst Justin Roylance will – on paper – be capable of taking the fight to his rivals, the former champion has been out of the saddle for just on 12 months, his last visit to Keith saw a huge off early in proceedings, making it his second big exit from the circuit in as many months. His title winning ‘Jetspeed’ has now moved on [campaigned now by Mike Hessell in LS-Class] and a new ‘PULSE’ sits in his shed in its menacing black ‘Outlaw’ livery, but for Roylance – whilst one of the most competitive drivers in the field – he will need time to work himself back into the groove, so expect him to be quick, but perhaps not a podium contender in his first race back. Time will tell.

For Danny Knappick though, he surprised everyone – himself included – with victory last time out at Temora, a popular win amongst the teams and the fans, his consistency and his updated engine package deliveringhim a welcome maiden win. Campaigning a Peter Caughey-built ‘Sprintec’ hull similar to that of Silverton, Knappick applied all the experience of the last two seasons to deliver a consistent run into the Temora finals, defeating both Silverton and Ely (who had jumped into Simon Doyle’s ‘Mistress’ to complete the event) in the final.

A pragmatist, Knappick knows his rivals won’t be down for long, and despite leading the Championship points, is expecting a harder time of it at Keith, but he also understands the long game, and that just about anything can happen across a V8 Superboats race weekend!

For Hugh Gilchrist, he also suffered a setback at Temora, the late afternoon setting sun catching the Australian Moulding & Door Company boss by surprise as he turned into an apex well before the corner, flipping the ‘MATTRIX’ boat on its lid in the final qualifier. Fortunately damage was relatively light, although it did bring his day to a premature end, however at Keith he will be in his all-new ‘PULSE’ hull joining three of his rivals in the field in the Daniel James-built boat, and just like those rivals, he will also be campaigning a ‘JRE’ built powerplant.

Like Simon Doyle – who is campaigning the fore-runner to the ‘PULSE’ – his brother’s former ‘The Girlfriend’ hull which became the blueprint for the new ‘PULSE’ package, Gilchrist has some work to do to get himself comfortable in the new boat, but like Simon Doyle, will enjoy the support of the James brothers [Daniel + Brad/JRE] and Tremayne Jukes who will be entrenched in their pits to ensure they get the best from themselves and their machinery. As the very same trio that helped Brendan Doyle develop into the #1 driver in the country [in 400-Class], they will have some serious support behind them as they work themselves forward in the category.

Throw in V8 Superboats sophomore Noel Verning – who has taken to the 400-Class with relative ease – and you have another closely fought battle for a podium finish in which there are absolutely no guarantees as to who will be standing on any one of the three available steps!

Temora saw another impressive entry of LS-Class teams, the best on record to start the new season, and whilst we are missing a few for round two due to various other commitments, there will be no shortage of podium contenders amongst the attending drivers, which now includes a third reigning New Zealand title-holder, this time, reigning LS-Class Champion John Verry.

Unlike fellow New Zealander Matt Hareb (now – thankfully – in his own boat after customs setbacks sidelined the ‘Moist Az’ machine for Temora), Verry will drive alongside former AUS#1 Kyle Elphinstone in the ‘Blackout Racing’ ‘Sprintec’ in a relationship that will see Elphinstone compete in New Zealand behind the wheel of Verry’s machine.

Verry’s experience will help fast-track the Elphinstone team in extracting maximum performance from the ‘Blackout Racing’ entry as the reigning AUS#2 looks to take the fight back to title rival Bastian Mullan and local stars Matt and Mitch Malthouse.

Like his father, Bastian Mullan has been on a lengthy winning streak, the last time the 20-year old Victorian wasn’t on the top step of the podium was 18-months ago! Since then he has won nine consecutive LS-Class races despite just how competitive the field has become – his closest rival – younger brother Nate, shares the same boat, meaning that there is very little to separate them, and Temora showed that it’s Nate who will likely emerge as Bastian’s greatest threat.

That said, home-track advantage always seems to spur a team on, and that is no more evident than the performances of the ‘Nood Nutz’ team of Keith locals Matt and Mitch Malthouse. For team patriarch Matt Malthouse, he threw his hat into the title equation at Temora with an impressive run through to the podium alongside the two Mullan brothers, but Keith could prove to be a double-edged sword.

Moving away from the Keith Show weekend and that organisational structure, the Malthouse family have been instrumental in making the second round a success, and the burden of being organiser and competitor might just play into the outright equation, which is where the younger of the two Malthouse drivers may spring a surprise! He did just that back in March for the 2022 season finale, to stand on the podium alongside the two ‘RIPSHIFT’ drivers having advanced to the final three at the expense of his father.

They will face stiff opposition though in the form of 2019 Champion Kyle Elphinstone and new team-mate John Verry, and the unknow quantity of New Zealander Matt Hareb who gets a chance to campaign his own boat, after a late offer from the Disturbed Racing Team to join Jade Atchison at Temora and card valuable Championship points. As a 400-Class front-runner at home, Hareb is expected to take the fight to the Australian teams, but as yet, is an unknown quantity, on paper though, he should make his presence felt!

With the ongoing success of the LS-Class, the fight to make the final 12 is almost as intense as that for the final three, and over the off-season there was a lot of activity right up and down the field as teams worked to improve their equipment.

Sadly, due to date clashes some of those teams have been forced to miss the second round – Ron and Tyler O’Day, Lawrie and Karen Howlett, Rodney Norton and James Machan amongst the teams that we won’t see again until Cabarita, but outside of that there will be no shortage of contenders.

Hot off a stunning run at Temora, Jade Atchison will be looking to continue her progression up the order, the ‘Twisted’ driver coming alive in the last few races after a big testing crash pre-season ahead of the 2022 Championship stalled her confidence. The rivalry between Atchison, Luke Walters and Mike Hessell has been one of the great stories of LS-Class over the last 12-months and that is expected to ramp up again at Keith, although Walters will be back in his primary ride after sharing driving duties in Hessell’s ‘Borrowed Time’ last round.

Throw in rookie pairing Adam Sulcs and Jodie Cottam who made an impressive debut at Temora, the ever-improving Lance Edmonds and Disturbed Racing team-boss Darren Pollard, and you have another great recipe for action, and yet another category where it may be difficult to guarantee a final three, all of which adds to the excitement for both the competitors, and the fans!

Junior Development
The Keith round will also see the welcome return of the Junior Development category with 2021 Champion Koby Bourke returning to the wheel alongside V8 Superboats rookie, 12-year old Victorian Harry Jay who will make his debut in the category.

Event clashes sidelined the competitors for the season opener, bringing the Junior category to a five round Championship, former Keith winner Eliza Roylance another absentee due to a clash of dates leaving it to the experienced Bourke to battle rookie Jay, the former also acting as mentor, just as he did for 2022 Champion Connor Smith.

As they have done during past seasons, the Juniors will campaign a slightly different rotation to their senior counterparts, however as per previous years, both will share the driving duties in the purpose built, 200-horsepower Seadoo-powered ‘Lil Psysho’, a package designed to suit drivers between the age of 8 and 16.

As always, the Keith round will be a daytime event, running from 9:15am Saturday morning (practice) through till around 5:30pm. For those that can’t be at Spitwater Arena, the action will be streamed LIVE on YouTube (the link will be posted on and Facebook from approximately 1:45pm, whilst a post-produced highlights package will be released on 7mate, and then 7+ immediately following (search V8 Superboats on 7+ at any stage for replays of the 2022 season). Tickets are available at the gate or via;

Rnd#2 2023/24 Penrite Australian V8 Superboats Championship
Spitwater Arena, Keith, South Australia
14 October, 2023


  1. Phonsy Mullan/Leigh Stewart (RAMJET)
    28A. Daryl Hutton/Mick Parry (American Automotive)
  2. Tyler Finch/Jarrod Ballard (Loose Cannon)
  3. Scott Krause/James Parsons (KAOS)
    111NZ. Rob Coley/Cody Munro (Poison Ivy)
  4. Glenn Roberts/Jasmine Galambos (Blown Budget)


  1. Brendan Doyle/Holly Small (PULSE)
  2. Jody Ely/Brooke Tanner (Rampage)
  3. 1NZ. Ollie Silverton/Jess Sit (PSP Racing)
  4. Danny Knappick/Tahlia Elphinstone (Tuff’N’Up)
  5. Justin Roylance/Tracey Little (Outlaw)
  6. Simon Doyle/Cael White (The Girlfriend)
  7. Noel Verning/Nathan Garrett (Quiet Time)
  8. Hugh Gilchrist/Narelle Pellow-Djukic (Mattrix)

1A. Bastian Mullan/Tahleah Mullan (RIPSHIFT)
1B. Nate Mullan/Cain Wallace (RIPSHIFT)
2A. Kyle Elphinstone/Jacob Bellamy (Blackout Racing)
2BNZ. John Verry/Pip Thompson (Blackout Racing)
22ANZ. Matt Hareb/Matt Nairn (Moist Az)
69A. Matt Malthouse/Leighton Collins (Nood Nutz Racing)
69B. Mitch Malthouse/Harrison Collins (Nood Nutz Racing)

  1. Darren Pollard/Steve Muhvich (Disturbed Racing)
    199A. Adam Sulcs/Jodie Cottam (Steady Eddie)
    199B. Jodie Cottam/Adam Sulcs (Steady Eddie)
  2. Lance Edmonds/Peter Sendy (Solid Gold)
  3. Luke Walters/Matty Bruinsma (The Spartan)
  4. Mike Hessell/Shaun White (Borrowed Time)
  5. Jade Atchison/Erin Kearney (Twisted)

Junior Development
97A. Koby Bourke (Lil Psycho)
97B. Harry Jay (Lil Psycho)

RND#2 – Saturday, 14 October; (ACDT)
9:15am – practice laps commence
10:15am – Qualifying #1 (60-minutes)
11:15am – Qualifying #2 (60-minutes)
12:15pm – Qualifying #3 (60-minutes)
1:15pm – Lunch Break (30-minutes)
1:45pm – Qualifying #4 (60-minutes)
2:45pm – Qualifying #5 (60-minutes)
3:45pm – Jnr. Dev FINAL + Top 12 Finals (LS-Class/400-Class)
4:30pm – Top 6 Final (LS-Class/400-Class/Unlimited)
5:10pm – FINALS (LS-Class/400-Class/Unlimited)
5:30pm – Racing Concludes

History; V8 Superboats and Keith
Rnd#7 2022 Australian V8 Superboats Championship presented by Penrite
Spitwater Arena, Keith, South Australia
25 March, 2023

Unlimited Superboat

  1. 1. Phonsy Mullan/Leigh Stuart (RAMJET) – 36.488
  2. 28A. Daryl Hutton/Harry Berry (Phoenix Lubricants) – 37.334
    1. Tyler Finch/Jarrod Ballard (Loose Cannon) – 39.967

400-Class (Group A)

  1. 4. Brendan Doyle/Rory Doyle (PULSE) – 40.909
  2. 45A. Danny Knappick/Darren Tickell (Tuff’n Up) – 44.598
  3. 45B. Kyle Elphinstone/Jacob Bellamy (Tuff’n Up) – 46.948


  1. 1A. Bastian Mullan/Tahleah Mullan (RIPSHIFT) – 39.239
  2. 1B. Nate Mullan/Cain Wallace (RIPSHIFT) – 39.841
  3. 69A. Mitch Malthouse/Harrison Collins (Nood Nutz) – 40.688

Junior Development*

  1. 97B. Connor Smith (Lil Pyscho) – 39.962
  2. 97A. Koby Bourke (Lil Pyscho) – 40.611
  3. 97C. Eliza Roylance (Lil Pyscho) – DNF
  • different circuit rotation to other classes

Rnd#3 2022 Australian V8 Superboats Championship presented by Penrite
08 October, 2022
Unlimited Superboat

  1. Phonsy Mullan/Leigh Stuart (RAMJET) – 48.374

400-Class (Group A)

  1. 4. Brendan Doyle/Rory Doyle (PULSE) – 53.552
    1. Jody Ely/Jessica Webb (Rampage) – 54.680
    2. Danny Knappick/Darren Tickell (Tuff’n Up) – 59.397


  1. 1A. Bastian Mullan/Tahleah James (RIPSHIFT) – 52.779
    1. Daniel Salter/Mitchell Hade (The Hustler) – 54.600
      3 219. Kyle Elphinstone/Jacob Bellamy (Blackout Racing) – 1:40.835

Junior Development*

  1. 97C. Eliza Roylance (Lil Pyscho) – 1:51.508
  2. 97B. Connor Smith (Lil Pyscho) – ww
  • different circuit rotation to other classes

2021 Australian V8 Superboats Championship – Rnd#5 [FINAL]
26 March, 2022
Unlimited Superboat

  1. Phonsy Mullan/Leigh Stuart (RAMJET) – 42.790

400-Class (Group A)

  1. Justin Roylance/Tracey Little (Outlaw67) – 45.925


  1. Bastian Mullan/Ellen Arnold (RIPSHIFT) – 46.179

Junior Development

  1. Koby Bourke (Lil Pyscho) – 42.900*
  • different circuit rotation to other classes

2021 Australian V8 Superboats Championship – Rnd#1
27 March, 2021
Unlimited Superboat

  1. Slade Stanley/Vanessa Stanley (Hazardous) – 45.207

400-Class (Group A)

  1. Justin Roylance/Michelle Hodge (Outlaw67) – 50.488


  1. 69A. Matt Malthouse/Leighton Collins (NoodNutz Racing) – 52.602
  2. 22B. Nate Mullan/Coda Kolak (Ripshift) – DNF
  3. 22A. Bastian Mullan/Josh Borg (Ripshift) – DNF

2023/24 Penrite Australian V8 Superboats Championship – Series Points
Unlimited Superboat (after round one of six)

  1. Phonsy Mullan (RAMJET) – 36-points, 2. Scott Krause (KAOS) – 33, 3. Daryl Hutton (Victorian American Imports) – 30, 4. Tyler Finch (Loose Cannon) – 28, 5. Chris Edmonds (Hazardous) – 26, 6. Sam Everingham (Excalibur) – 24, 7. Glenn Roberts (Blown Budget) – 22, 8. Rob Coley (Poison Ivy) – 20

400-Class (Group A) (after round one of six)

  1. Danny Knappick (Tuff’n’Up) – 36-points, 2. Ollie Silverton (PSP Racing) – 33, 3. Jody Ely (Rampage) – 30, 4. Noel Verning (Quiet Time) – 28, 5. Simon Doyle (The Mistress) – 26, 6. Brendan Doyle (The Girlfriend) – 24, 7. Hugh Gilchrist (Mattrix) – 22, 8. Andrew Medlicott (Gone Nutz) – 20

LS-Class (after round one of six)

  1. Bastian Mullan (Ripshift) – 36-points, 2. Nate Mullan (Ripshift) – 33, 3. Matt Malthouse (NoodNutz Racing) – 30, 4. Kyle Elphinstone (Blackout Racing) – 28, 5. Mitch Malthouse (NoodNutz Racing) – 26, 6. Lawrie Howlett (Drop Bear) – 24, 7. Jade Atchison (Twisted) – 22, 8. Matt Hareb (Twisted) – 20, 9. Tyler O’Day (Agro-Vation) – 18, 10. Darren Pollard (Disturbed) – 16, 11. Luke Walters (Borrowed Time) – 14, 12. Mike Hessell (Borrowed Time) – 12, 13. Lance Edmonds (Solid Gold) – 10, 14. Adam Sulcs (Steady Eddie) – 8, 15. Rodney Norton (Crackers) – 6, 16. Ron O’Day (Agro-Vation) – 4, 17. Jodie Cottam (Steady Eddie) – 2, 18. James Machan (Twisted) – 0, 19. Karen Howlett (Drop Bear) – 0

2023/24 Penrite Australian V8 Superboats Championship
Rnd#1 – Temora, NSW – 09 September, 2023
Rnd#2 – Keith, SA – 14 October, 2023
Rnd#3 – Tweed Coast, NSW – 05 November, 2023
Rnd#4 – Temora, NSW – 03 February, 2024 (Colin Parish Memorial)
Rnd#5 – Griffith, NSW – 24 February, 2024
Rnd#6 [FINAL] – Keith, SA – 23 March, 2024

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Almost 100 years on from those early beginnings the Dymond family have built Penrite into one of Australia’s most prominent and recognised brands. The iconic Australian-made and owned lubricants company has a simple philosophy: ‘the rite product for the application’.

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